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  • cranky1

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    A 1956 Johnson 5-1/2, CD-12, I must have been 13. I’d saved all my grass cutting, window cleaning, car washing money. Hung it on the back of the Optimist pram my Dad built for me (I paid for materials). 3 or 4 other buddies had small boats with small outboards and we ran them from May to September, every day, in our little harbor off Long Island Sound. We’d stick the handle end of an oar in the water at speed and try to soak each other with the rooster tail, fish, swim, run up creeks and backwaters. Pretty sweet memories. Love to have another CD-12.

    Jon Ewing

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    Mine was a 1.5 hp Seaking on an 8′ sailing dingy. I ran against and lost to a 3hp merc on a metal 8′ boat. I graduated to a KG-7 on a class B runnabout. I’m looking for a running KG-7 and similar boat. Jon at jse1@mchsi.com


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    When I was 5 my Dad brought home a Waterwitch and a Mercury rocket 7 1/2 HP. Our third motor was another Waterwitch (Mae West version) and the forth a MD-38 then a K – 40.


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    Mine was a 1926 Johnson AB-25. I got it about a year and a half ago. Found it at a yard sale. It was lying on the ground in the side yard half burried. I asked if it was for sale and the guy said sure. After a year or so working on it, with help from you guys, I took it out on the lake about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Never would have got it running without the help I got here. I am now looking for another. I have collected fishing lures for about 20 years and I guess motors are like fishing lures. It just takes one to get started.
    Thanks to everyone here.


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    Mine was a 1926 Johnson AB-25. I collect fishing tackle and went to a yard sale and saw it laying on the ground on the side of the house and ask if it was for sale. Ran it on the lake about 5 weeks ago. Would have never got it running if it were”t for this site. Thanks to everyone here.
    Robert Clark


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    one of my first.


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    Mine was a 1947 ,Elgin 1-1/4 horse. Found it in the garbage , it was seized so I locked it in a vice and put a 36″ pipe wrench to the “wrap a rope”. Sprayed some penetrating oil in the plug hole and it broke free. That was in 1976 and I still own it. Runs like a top.Here it is after a new paint job.


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    Just got, or am getting my first one, a 1954 Mercury Mark 35E, attached to a 1954 Century 16′ Imperial Sportsman. I’ve also acquired my 2nd and 3rd ones during inquiries into the boat, and they are a 1956 Mercury Mark 55E and a 1956 Mercury Mark 55. The 35E is running, the 55Eis partly disassembled, but the powerhead and lower unit move freely. The Mark 55 I was told might be frozen, I haven’t had the chance to inspect it yet.

    Thomas F.

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    Don’t know if this belongs in “first outboard” or “Member’s Toys”.

    I remember my father carved this for me in the 1960’s when we were camping on Agnes Island in Lake George.


    It’s the spitting image of the 1965 Starflite S-90 that was on our 1964 Sport’ 16:

    The “one that got away” was my father’s 1946ish Sea Bee 3hp, which had intact decals. My mother offered it to me the year before I got into power boats with a 1960’s AeroCraft that came with a 1960 QD:




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    Mine was / is my 54 Firestone 7.5, still have it. I was lucky, my Dad had several boats in my youth. Have a spare motor for parts & Sea Way had all the ign stuff to fix it. Hunt for Red October finding seals & good shafts.


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    First outboard I was allowed to use was a 1950 Evinrude Fastwin with the tall tank on the back of a 16’ 1930 Thompson TVT lake boat. We still have both. That was back in the early 70’s I think.


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    i enjoyed reading all of the stories.my first unofficial outboard was my dads 1954 evinrude 7.5.after much frustration(at the age of 11) and even some tears,my uncle helped me get it running.my dad did a side job for a 1967 9.5 evinrude so i guess that was my first outboard.it ran great until it overheated and temporarily seized.i took the cylinder head off and it was caked with salt.my dad helped me clean the salt out and it ran great for years.i still have both…. AND MANY OTHERS


    Rusted Junk

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    1975 or 1976 Johnson 6 HP, bought it lightly used in 1983, I used it on my 18 ft. Duckworth Jet Sled. Wonderful little motor.


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    First motor I ever owned was a Johnson A-65 I was 14 working after school the guy owed me $25 and traded me it for the Johnson A65
    It ran great for years then was sold
    When I got into this hobby that was the motor I was looking for , it took me a year and a half to find on , then I restored it and it will be sitting beside my urn on my last day


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    My first motor was a 1969 Merc 80 on my first boat…a 13′ Hustler Wildcat which was also my first race boat.


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